Large Group Fishing Charters

When it comes to transporting large groups of people, our Miami fishing charters are ideal. We are able to take everybody onto the ocean via multiple sports fishing boats or our larger drifting boats – and we have a lot of experience accomplishing this successfully. It does not matter how many people your group consists of because we have dozens of boats in our Miami fishing fleet, and we can get them all onto the water having the adventure of their lives.

Miami groups that need to be together on the same boat can charter one of our head boats (or party boats). We will take the boat out and switch off the engines. This means that the boat will be drifting, and every member of your group can cast their lines and catch fish. Although this is definitely exciting and a great deal of fun, it is a very different experience to fishing on one of our sports fishing boats. The reason for this is that we cannot catch Miami's most exciting, thrilling and challenging sports fish such as sailfish, tuna, swordfish and mahi-mahi. In order to chase these fish, we need to be able to move around. Special equipment and techniques are also required which are simply impractical and impossible to achieve while the boat is drifting on the water.

Our more popular alternative is to split your group into smaller groups and go out on our various Miami sports fishing boats. We have awesome activities on offer that are specifically designed to create a sense of unity. Extremely successful on our Miami teambuilding charters, these exciting competitions will get participants into the team spirit and bonding through adventure. Our most requested Miami fishing charter for large groups is easily our mini fishing tournament. The boats are in constant radio contact with each other, which ensures the competition remains strong while teams try to catch a certain fish species, the biggest fish or the most fish.

We recommend large groups in Miami to go fishing on our sports fishing boats, but if your group requires everybody to be on the same boat – then we will gladly arrange a private drift fishing charter that will be perfect for your needs and preferences.

Contact us now to book your Miami Large Group Fishing Charter and delight your group with adventure.