Miami Offshore Document Signings & Bank Signings

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In Miami, there is no need to throw away your money on document stamp fees and other charges imposed on transactions completed in the State of Florida. Our Miami fishing charters frequently provide transportation into international waters for document and bank signing – where these fees can be avoided. Our Miami fishing boats are comfortable, fast, clean, reliable and air-conditioned, which makes them perfect for this function. Moreover, we are cheaper than chartering airplanes or private yachts in the Miami area.

Consulting a lawyer, accountant or other appropriate counsel is imperative when considering offshore document signing in Miami. This is what we have heard:

In the State of Florida, transactions that involve promissory notes or other unconditional obligations are typically charged very high document stamp fees. For every $100 worth of indebtedness, a $0.35 document stamp fee is imposed. This can add into vast sums of money, especially on multi-million dollar transactions.

You can avoid document stamp fees simply by travelling a few miles offshore – and complete the transaction outside the jurisdiction of the State of Florida. Legal affidavits need to be prepared by your counsel. The captain and other members onboard will sign them and officially document that your transaction took place offshore.

Contact us today to book your Miami Offshore Document Signing Charter and waste money no more.