Miami Tarpon Fishing

miami tarpon fishing

Our Miami fishing charters love chasing tarpon. These spectacular fish ensure that every angler with a tarpon on their line is in for the battle of a lifetime. This is the reason that tarpon are an iconic fish in Miami, and many fishing charter operators only focus on catching them. Tarpon are intelligent, massive and extremely strong. They will do everything they can to break free from your line, including rolling, flipping and jumping high into the air.

Miami tarpon are beautiful animals. They have shiny scales that cover their bodies, which are magnificently tinged with blue and green hues. Tarpon are also enormous, weighing as much as 250lbs and ranging in size between five and seven feet. Miami has a vast network of waterways that consist of rivers, canals and ocean inlets. Surprisingly, your chances of catching tarpon are far higher when you stay inshore, and this is why Miami is one of the best places to catch these awe-inspiring fish.

Fishing captains on our Miami charters are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with tarpon fishing. Most of them have their own personal tarpon hunting grounds. They will share their expertise with you and help you catch one of these amazing creatures. Tarpon are abundant in the Atlantic Ocean and are found along the entire eastern coast of the United States. We catch them throughout the year, but these giant beasts swell in numbers during winter and spring. This is when they migrate south to escape the colder waters of the north.

Our Miami tarpon charters prefer to use live crabs, pilchards or shrimps to catch tarpon. Other fish love to steal these delicacies, and it is more expensive. Tarpon are also caught on frozen bait, artificial bait and lures. However, our experience has taught us that using live bait will ensure you have the best chance to catch a truly fantastic tarpon.

All types of equipment can be used to catch tarpon in Miami. We frequently accommodate requests for small boats using light tackle, as well as larger boats with heavier tackle. Any type of rod or reel can be used, but do not forget the size and strength of these fish. Tarpon will easily overpower cheap rods and reels.

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