Miami Swordfish Fishing

miami swordfish fishingIn Miami, fishing for swordfish is one of the most exhilarating charters that we offer. We strongly recommend targeting these monstrous fish. The enormous challenge that is reeling these gigantic fish from the depths of the ocean - is nothing short of adrenalin-packed. Swordfish in Miami are found ranging between a few hundred feet and thousands of feet deep. Our strongest anglers regularly need us to assist them with our electric reels, because the strength of these incredible fish is simply phenomenal.

Belonging to the broadbill family of fish species, swordfish have a long bill or "sword" which makes them easily identifiable. Swordfish slash and kill their prey, contrary to the popular opinion that they spear them. Swordfish in Miami are truly massive, weighing anywhere between 200lbs and 500lbs, and we use live squid to catch them with thrilling success.

Our Miami swordfish charters catch them throughout the day and night. Anglers wishing to do some night fishing usually target these fantastic fish. They are found in deeper waters that are farther offshore. We need to reach their feeding ground, which means that our Miami fishing boats use more fuel and have a few additional costs – and is why swordfish charters are advertised at more expensive prices.

Swordfish in Miami are divine. Grilling them is the method we most advise. Their delicious white meat is one of the tastiest of all the fish in Miami. Our friendly fishing charter crew will cut them into steaks for you when we arrive back at the dock. They will also package them into zip lock bags for you to take home – or to one of Miami's top seafood restaurants.

Call us now to book your Miami Swordfish Fishing Charter and battle one of the strongest fish in the sea.