Miami Snapper Fishing

miami red snapper fishingIn Miami, fishing for snapper is a very popular activity. There is so much thrill, delight and excitement involved in catching them. It is in some ways easier than targeting other fish because less equipment is required and the techniques are not very complicated. Yellowtail snapper, vermillion snapper, red snapper and red porgies are only some of the varieties of snapper that thrive in the waters off the coast of Miami.

Live shrimp is the best bait to use for catching Miami snapper. It is pricier and irresistible to every other fish in the sea who happily steal it. This makes catching a snapper more challenging. All types of bait can be used successfully, but we still prefer live bait. There are two places where we find snapper in Miami:

  • Miami reefs are the best snapper locations. Water that is clear with a fast-flowing current is ideal for snapper.
  • Miami wrecks are very similar to reefs. The areas where fish hide are smaller and denser, which makes targeting snapper even more difficult.

Our Miami fishing charter crews are specialists when it comes to snapper fishing. New anglers will be shown exactly how to catch them and more experienced anglers have the opportunity to perfect their skills. This is because every person onboard a snapper fishing charter in Miami is taught everything that our captain knows.

Another reason that helps explain the popularity of snapper fishing in Miami, is the fact that they are absolutely delicious. Miami's top seafood restaurants are in constant need of snapper to feed their hungry diners. Commercial fishermen supply them, and recreational anglers and fishing charters also hunt snapper to put on their dinner tables.

Call us now to book your Miami Snapper Fishing Charter and discover the adventure of these fish.