Miami Shark Fishing

miami shark fishingIn Miami, fishing for sharks is one of the most popular activities for locals and tourists alike. This is because Miami has some of the best shark fishing in all of Florida, and there is no exhilaration that comes close to wrangling with the ultimate predator of the deep. Our Miami fishing charter crews specialize in shark fishing – we know exactly where to find them and how to use the best techniques to catch them.

The waters off the coast of Miami are abundant with different shark species. Sharks arrive on the Gulf Stream current by the millions every year. The most common sharks we catch are mako sharks, bull sharks and hammerhead sharks – but we can catch other shark varieties too. The Gulf Stream brings fish of all shapes and sizes close to the Miami coast, which means that sharks are perfect target for any of our Miami fishing charters because we do not have to travel far to find them. In fact, most of our sharks are caught only a mile or two offshore.

Miami sharks are phenomenally powerful. They are also incredibly fast. Catching them is not easy and is a battle of note. The correct tackle and equipment is essential. All of our Miami fishing boats are outfitted with high-quality, tournament grade equipment and our fishing captains are expects at the techniques needed to successfully catch these amazing animals.

To increase your chances of hooking sharks in Miami, it is imperative that you understand a few things about them. Here is some information on the most commonly caught sharks in the waters off Miami:

Miami Mako Sharks

Mako sharks are known to reach awe-inspiring speeds nearing 50mph. This makes them one of the fastest sharks in the oceans. They are also a threatened species, meaning their populations are declining rapidly. We never keep mako sharks. When we catch one, we will immediately release it back into the sea – safely and unharmed. We hope that shark will breed and slowly increase their numbers again.

Miami Thresher Sharks

These magnificent sharks grow into massive animals. They are known to reach weights exceeding a ton, but the ones we find in Miami are usually smaller than that. Our Miami shark fishing charters travel to where the water drops off into the Gulf Stream and extends to depths around 1 500ft - which is farther offshore than other shark species. We have found that using live squid is the best bait to catch thresher sharks. Their natural diet consists of smaller fish such as mackerel and tuna, but squid is a delicacy for them. Thresher sharks have acquired their name from a farming device that is used to separate grain from stalks, because their tails so closely resemble this tool.

Miami Hammerhead Sharks

Although hammerhead sharks in Miami range in size, those we catch are usually a few hundred pounds or more. However, these fantastic and beautiful sharks can weigh as much as a ton when fully grown. Hammerhead sharks congregate in schools during the daytime, but at night they hunt alone. They have smaller mouths than other sharks and do most of their hunting near the sea floor. This provides anglers targeting them with an excellent chance to try their hand at bottom fishing. Hammerhead sharks are named after their distinctive hammer-shaped heads.

Miami Bull Sharks

Unfortunately, bull sharks in Miami have a bad reputation. They are instinctively very aggressive and they are found in shallow waters close to shore – usually where people are swimming in the waves. Bull sharks are adapted to breathe in saltwater and freshwater, and they tend to follow their prey (birds, fish, turtles and whatever else they come across) upstream via rivers, canals and ocean inlets. Miami bull sharks are gigantic. The ones we catch weigh around 500lbs, and have been known to easily exceed a ton. They hunt by themselves because they are highly territorial animals, even occupying the same reefs and wrecks for years on end.

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