Miami Sailfish Fishing

miami sailfish fishing

Miami has one of the world's best sailfish fishing reputations. Many billfish tournaments are held in Miami and the surrounding areas every year. Sailfish are simply spectacular - and our clients, captains and crews all wait with baited breath for the moment when we have several sailfish on our lines. The awe-inspiring majesty and beauty of these fish is spine-tingling. Sailfish are known to jump and leap high out of the water, and the feeling of witnessing multiple sailfish doing this is indescribable – and the reason why fishing for sailfish in Miami is so staggeringly popular.

Sailfish belong to the family of billfish, and they have giant dorsal fins that look like the sail of a sailboat – hence their name. Silver, blue and black in color, with elongated bodies, long bills and massive fins set sailfish apart as one of the most spectacular sports fish caught off the coast of Miami. Sailfish are also huge, growing into ten foot long monsters exceeding weights of 200lbs when fully grown. They are also immensely fast, frequently reaching speeds of 70mph underwater which makes them one of the fastest fish in the oceans.

Miami sailfish have some amazing predatory abilities. Firstly, they can camouflage themselves by changing their colors to confuse their prey and predators. Secondly, they are able to raise and lower their sail which disorients them further. We suggest bringing your camera onboard with you. You will be able to capture some truly awesome sailfish pictures.

It is an adrenalin-filled challenge to successfully catch a sailfish. These fish are very cunning and extremely intelligent. Special equipment is required, as is a Miami fishing captain with vast sailfish experience and expertise. Sailfish are very aware of the way their natural food swims through the water, and they really do need effective techniques to deceive them. We catch sailfish with live bait, and we take advantage of the fact that sailfish love to hunt schools of fish (because this means that they usually catch one) or fish that are panicking. We accomplish these goals in two ways:

Kite Fishing in Miami

This technique works by keeping the bait near the surface of the water, and the movement of the kite in the air ensures that the fish appears to be really panicking. This works by attaching live bait to very long lines, which we suspend temporarily from a kite which we fly behind the boat. Larger fish below find this method irresistible, and when the sailfish takes your bait, then the line breaks free from the kite so that your fish can be reeled in.

Dredge Fishing in Miami

This method works because trolling multiple live baits through the water gives the illusion of a group of fish swimming by. The dredge is an umbrella-shaped device to which we attach numerous live baits before trolling the whole contraption under the water.

In Miami, sailfish fishing is loved by every level of angler. Catching a sailfish is one of the most adventurous, thrilling and exhilarating activities in the area – and everybody wants to see these gorgeous fish first-hand.

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