Miami Kingfish Fishing

miami kingfish fishing

In Miami, kingfish are almost as fast as wahoo and there is always a very high chance that you will catch a lot of kingfish on our Miami fishing charters. These are the reasons why fishing for kingfish is such a popular activity in Miami, their speed and abundance makes them particularly thrilling to catch. Kingfish are also caught close to shore and we do not have to travel very far to find them. Targeting kingfish is a perfect option for any length of fishing charter that we offer in Miami.

Catching kingfish in Miami is challenging. Kingfish are intelligent and aware of the way their natural prey swims through the water. Catching them is even trickier because they tend to bite off the tail ends of your bait. Overcoming these challenges requires using and rigging the correct types of bait. Our Miami fishing charters troll for kingfish using both live bait and frozen bait – and our fishing charter crews have perfected these skills which are so essential for successfully hunting kingfish.

Kingfish are migratory, and they travel to Miami in summer via the Gulf Stream current which brings them near the coast. Belonging to the mackerel family, kingfish are also known as King Mackerel. They range between small and medium in size, anywhere between five and thirty pounds in weight. Kingfish have silver scales that cover their entire bodies.

You need to catch a kingfish and try it for dinner. The flesh of the kingfish is too oily for most people and Miami locals do not eat much kingfish. However, there are many people who delight in their taste and you can decide whether you enjoy them or not.

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