Miami Grouper Fishing

miami grouper fishing

Grouper in Miami are incredibly powerful, which makes fishing for them one of the most popular activities in the whole of Florida. It is an enormous challenge reeling these fish in from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean because grouper feed near the sea floor. This presents a perfect opportunity for Miami anglers to test their skills at bottom fishing.

Gag grouper and goliath grouper are only a few of the varieties of grouper lurking in the waters off the coast of Miami. Their large mouths and stocky bodies make them easy to identify. Grouper have no teeth on the edges of their jaws - they have giant tooth plates instead. These are used very effectively to crush their prey first, then suck them and finally swallow them whole. There have even been reports of grouper fatally attacking humans. Miami grouper typically weigh less than 100lbs, but have been known to reach a whopping 500lbs in size.

During springtime in Miami, grouper spawn near rocks and reefs. This is definitely the best time to catch grouper, and people travel to the places where this happens. Our Miami grouper charter clients drop live pinfish right over their heads. This is very exciting because we can actually feel grouper inhaling the bait. We catch different varieties of grouper close to shore throughout the year, but their breeding season is by far more thrilling.

Many top Miami seafood restaurants serve grouper as an entree. Grilled, fried or baked - grouper is absolutely delicious. Our personal favorite is fried grouper fingers. Take your catch with you to one of these restaurants and let their chefs turn your fish into a truly divine cuisine.

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